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Production House

A creative brand inspired by creative minds!


As a model agency, our mission is to embrace creativity, uphold a high measure of quality and produce made-to-measure, professional photographs & video campaigns for all our international clients.


Cyrus Models aims to accommodate any of our client’s photography, videography and corporate advertising campaigns, no matter the size of their organization. Specifically, we offer corporate identity, including corporate design, logo creation, website construction and brand building services. Video campaigns focusing on enlargement of corporate brands, including brand vision, brand awareness and product recognition are our specialty. Our accommodations reach to organizations across the spectrum, including any form of small businesses, large international organizations, NGOs of any niche, hobbyists and any form of corporate events.


The model agency’s Vienna location is the center of operations. With more than 120 experienced models worldwide it is our pleasure to be able to accommodate any form of modeling service, no matter the geographical location or special preference. In addition to our international workforce of models, it’s our passion to be the creative minds behind your photography and videography campaigns all the way from storyboard to special effects. Our team has the capacity to create anything custom tailored to your exact preferences. We do everything from start to finish including photo & video planning, producing, shooting, filming, editing and color-grading all the way to the final cut.


Cyrus Models offers a series of purchasable packages which vary in price depending on the type of service requested. The advertised package pricing layout features a variety of categories to accommodate our clients’ exact preferences. We aim to provide a competitive pricing model with a focus on quality and efficiency. The services that can be chosen from are as follows:

    • Model bookings
    • Videography
    • Photography
    • Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist Services
    • Fashion Stylist Services
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Model Transportation Accommodations
    • Branding: Logo & Design


Individual offers tailored to your specific preferences can be worked out during a short consultation. Contact us at to arrange a custom price.


Please download the package info files for further information on our service.