Cyrus Models has positioned itself competitively in the international modeling realm. Located in the heart of Europe, we service the entire globe, looking for new faces in the modeling and fashion industry. The Agency was established in 2014 in Bratislava, Slovakia and in 2017 in Vienna, Austria. It has scaled its operations extensively and has even expanded to a new market sector. This is the Cyrus Model Academy which was founded in 2019 in Vienna, Austria. The Cyrus Model Academy has rapidly grown to 12 Cities spread out through 7 European countries. Cyrus as a brand has established itself inside the modeling realm with the goal of giving every new face an opportunity no matter their financial capabilities. Additionally, Cyrus the Brand prides itself on its competitively priced B2B services which are extensively described under the production house page.

We at Cyrus Models hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and are looking for others who share our dedication to the art. This perspective is derived from Cyrus the Great who held himself and his people to 3 fundamental principles: the first being “Good thoughts”, which symbolizes a model’s state of mental clarity, dedication and perseverance to the task at hand. The second being “Good deeds”, which symbolized every model’s moral obligation to himself and his/her community of maintaining a mutually uplifting attitude. The final being “Good words” which represents a model’s obligation to maintain a humble stance in terms of speech and to spread positivity in their daily interactions during castings as well as client-oriented situations.

The selection process at Cyrus Models is carefully guided by our Founder and Managing Director, Joeay Rokni. An enthusiastic and bright personality, Joeay brings his decade long industry experience to the fold. His vision, and the vision of Cyrus Models, is to find the brightest and most committed new talents in the modeling industry with the purpose of assisting them to achieve their goals and dreams. Cyrus Models does not only aim its focus on performing quality driven modeling services but also pledges to help aspiring models down the right paths to enhance their careers.

Cyrus models has also shown a significant amount of organic growth since its founding. Since 2014, Cyrus Models has been working with some of the industry’s finest models and has consistently been looking to expand in the global market. Additionally, Cyrus Model’s newly founded Fitness Modeling division is looking for those athletic, fitness-oriented models that aim to specialize, working for athletics and fitness companies.