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What is the training? I think they created a program there from above that they wrote for me, with such tasks for me to learn some English language, for example. But since I don’t want to learn it, they created another one for me to learn.

Generally, there are these things where programs that sit in front of you learn and tell you what they did, and then you learn it. That’s where you create a learning program, and when you’re in the program, you’re no longer you. I have such a program, someone’s whole life consists of similar programs, but there are also those people who have it differently. People who may be with a different curriculum, they’re less involved in it because they’re not interested, so they don’t emulate others.

What I’m interested in learning, I study, and what I don’t have time to look at, I don’t have in my life. I am exploring this, deep, richness, and what I can do becomes for me the basis of the concepts that I then build in my life.

My soul really wants my mind to be a learning mind, and I can’t limit myself in what it will learn. But I don’t know what language I want to learn with. Because I know that there are languages where words are not needed, there are languages without words at all, but I don’t have those languages.

My explanation

Because of the lack of understanding, there is a splitting. For example, sometimes I hear the word “sin” and I don’t understand what it is. There are also words-robots, words-images, words that in themselves do not make any sense. For example: woman, cookie, bottle, Christmas tree, carrot, pepper, potato.

And these words have a very bad destiny, I wouldn’t say a bad one. But they don’t make any sense if you don’t know what they mean. And imagine how much poorer your language is if it doesn’t even have those words. I know there are words where meaning is expressed, but I know words where it is not, it is because we cannot express these words with our language.

We can come up with an idea, but we can’t look at it from that point of view, we don’t know what it has to do with. For example, if a person talks a lot about God, there is nothing else in his life, so he talks about Him.

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