Model Academy - Ljubljana

Newly established in the winter of 2019, the Cyrus Models Modeling Academy is looking for new and aspiring talents in Slovenia who want to enter into the modeling world.


Guided by Joeay Rokni, the founder of Cyrus Models and professional model Milena Tungus, aspiring models will have the opportunity to work with industry veterans, models and photographers to acquire strong skills that will help them enter the industry as new talents.

Rok Dezelak.. our exclusive photographers who are great at transferring knowledges to the talents.



The course is broken down into 3 sessions and held over a period of 3 months. These sessions will address specific topics relating to the skills required by international models.


A few of the skills and classes will include:





Saturday 15th February at Zelezna Studio

Postaja navdiha, ┼Żelezna cesta 16

Second course (March, April, May 2020) 



To Become a Cyrus Model

Students who complete the course, and perform well, might be selected to be signed with Cyrus Models.

Cyrus Model Academy Slovenia - Third Session | First Course

Impressed by the third and last session of the first course in Ljubljana, Slovenia! Well done everyone!

Cyrus Model Academy Slovenia - First Session | First Course

Check out some impressions of first session from the first course in Celje, Slovenia!