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How does alcohol affect potency in men

How does alcohol affect potency in men

How does alcohol affect potency in men?

A significant number of men consume alcoholic beverages quite regularly, without controlling their quantity. Often dismissing the proven unfavorable perception of the body, male representatives condemn themselves to chronic diseases. Ethanol, which is a component of any alcoholic beverage, has a detrimental effect on the work of the entire human body. How does alcohol affect a man’s genitourinary system and how does it affect potency, you can find out here What is the relationship between alcohol and potency?

Negative effect of alcohol on potency in men

Repeated drinking of hop drinks adversely affects the macho body. Experts note that before the onset of sexual impotence, a man is very likely to encounter infertility. Reproductive function is impaired due to alcohol exposure, which is manifested by the following indicators:

  • sperm production worsens;
  • the number of spermatozoa with pathological changes sharply increases;
  • atrophy of the seminal tubules occurs.

The quantity and quality of sperm is rapidly decreasing, this causes not only infertility, but also pathogenic changes in the gene code, which is the root cause of the birth of children with deformities or with incurable diseases.

It should be remembered that the female hormone estrogen, which is contained in beer, can not only reduce testosterone levels, but also destroy sperm.

Methylcarbinor weakens the susceptibility of the sexual organ, which causes violations of sexual function. Alcohol also provokes malfunctions of the brain, which in turn reduces the production of testosterone. This gradually depresses sexual desire.

Alcohol causes irreparable changes in the human genetic code, which is transmitted to children.

Prolonged consumption of alcohol in large quantities leads to complete impotence. Alcoholics mostly suffer from sexual impotence, which is caused by a number of disorders of many body systems.

When drinking alcoholic beverages, you should not get carried away, because alcohol affects potency quite unfavorably. It is much more difficult to eliminate complications with men’s health than to lead a proper lifestyle and control the amount of alcohol.

Types of alcoholic beverages and their effect on the male body

The alcoholic beverages market offers consumers a wide range of products. All the abundance of popular alcohol is divided into three varieties:

  • low-alcohol beverages – contain up to 9% alcohol;
  • light alcohol – contains from 9 to 25% alcohol (wine, liqueur, vermouth);
  • strong alcoholic beverages have a structure of more than 25% alcohol (vodka, whiskey, cognac, etc.).

Despite the diversity, with excessive systematic consumption, there is a detrimental effect of alcohol on the male body. In addition, it should be remembered that the higher the alcohol content, the faster pathological changes occur in the human body, such as personality degradation caused by atrophy of brain cells.

The effect of beer on potency

Beer is very popular among men mainly because of accessibility. In a reasonable amount, a natural intoxicating drink has a beneficial effect on the human body, since it contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, as well as essential oils. These elements produce the following positive effects on a man:

  • improves the condition of blood vessels;
  • reduces blood pressure;
  • improves appetite;
  • normalizes cholesterol levels.

Regular consumption of beer can provoke erectile dysfunction. This is caused by the action of the “ladies” hormone estrogen, which is part of the structure of the drink. This substance accumulates in the body, endowing the figure of a man with female characteristics. The stronger sex has a growing chest, a “beer” belly, sides. In addition, beer is able to practically dissolve testosterone in the body, which by itself is a source of sexual impotence. In addition, the foam quite imperceptibly pushes a person to the so-called beer alcoholism, which is much more difficult to treat. Systematic excessive consumption of a foamy drink can provoke impotence, as well as infertility. The adverse effect of beer on the body is aggravated by the chemical composition of most of the beer on the market. Only a small number of beer producers adhere to the correct recipe without the use of synthetic substances.

Intoxicating drink, according to research, is the most threatening for men’s sexual strength. Experts note that the daily consumption of one and a half liters of beer leads to pathogenic transformations in the human body. If the love of foam is strong, you can treat yourself to one glass of fresh quality beer.

Cognac and potency

Cognac is the noblest and most recognized alcoholic beverage among men. Due to its characteristics, it is often used for medicinal purposes. With moderate consumption, cognac dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow, which increases potency for a certain period. In addition, the drink in acceptable doses demonstrates the subsequent effect on the human body:

  • relieves stress and calms the nervous system;
  • enhances blood circulation;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • promotes rapid penetration of vitamin C into the blood;
  • gives self-confidence.

Thanks to such properties, cognac affects the potency of men favorably, because due to the influx of blood into the penis, the erection continues until the end of sexual intercourse. But if you overdo it with the dose, the effect will not be achieved.

Folk medicine has various recipes for a medicinal mixture to increase libido based on cognac. Here is one of them: 100 ml of cola, 50 ml of sparkling water, 1 tablespoon of cognac, 2 quail eggs, 2 tsp sugar. All the ingredients need to be mixed and taken right before sexual intercourse.

Experts note that the maximum permissible dose of cognac, which does not destroy a man’s potency, does not exceed 50 ml per day.

The influence of wine

Men who want to preserve sexual function should not get carried away with drinking wine. It has been proven that in large quantities, even this high-quality alcoholic beverage helps to reduce testosterone levels. A representative of the stronger sex who drinks wine daily may already suffer from a decrease in potency at a rather young age.

But there are also useful properties. Moderate consumption of red wine improves blood circulation, digestion, and also removes cholesterol from the body. 150 g of good wine shortly before intimacy has a good effect on the potency of a man. Excessive systematic consumption of this alcoholic beverage, on the contrary, serves as a source of weak susceptibility of the phallus, which causes problems with ejaculation, and also has a destructive effect on the condition of sperm.

Vodka and potency

Vodka is a strong alcoholic drink that is quite popular among men. The prevalence of vodka prompted experts to conduct a number of studies that confirmed the following facts:

  • 100 ml lead to slight intoxication and mood improvement;
  • 150 ml increase sexual desire in men;
  • 300 ml at a time cause a violation of potency;
  • regular excessive consumption of vodka for several years in a row leads to impotence and infertility.

It is known that this alcoholic drink leads to severe intoxication of the body, which causes a short-term surge of strength and increased libido. However, this effect quickly passes. When intoxicated, it is difficult for a man to achieve a good erection. There comes a situation when you want to, but you can’t. Among other things, with regular use of vodka, the receptivity of the sexual organ is lost and the male representative does not experience pleasure from sex, gradually losing sexual interest in women.


The truth is widely known that alcoholic beverages can cause a detrimental effect on the human body. However, there are situations when you should completely abstain from alcohol consumption:

  • development of diseases of the circulatory system;
  • diagnosis of ulcers, as well as gastritis;
  • liver ailments were established;
  • after drinking alcohol, the state of health worsens;
  • facts are known friends or family members have problems with alcohol;
  • annoying thoughts about drinking appear;
  • there is joy from the available stocks of intoxicating drinks.

If you ignore these factors, you can aggravate your health condition or succumb to addiction.

Why drink before sex?

A small amount of high-quality alcohol before intimacy dilates blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, dulls the palpability of the penis. This allows you to prolong sexual intercourse. In addition, the man relaxes and feels arousal faster.

Such a positive result from drinking alcohol is possible only with moderate consumption. If you take more, you can provoke a disorder of the processes of the reproductive system.

Reasons for alcohol consumption in men before intimacy

What pushes the representatives of the stronger sex to consume alcohol directly on the eve of sex? Most often, these circumstances are provoked by inexperience in sex or the following psychological reasons:

  • depression;
  • nervous tension;
  • low self-esteem;
  • discomfort during intimacy;
  • fear of knowing failure in sex, especially when it’s the first time;
  • overwork.
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